All Golf. No Rules.

When? Friday – November 12, 2021

Where? Rockwood Park Golf Course (map it!)

Goal? $150,000

Why? To expand our signature character education programs to youth throughout our community!

Visit our pledge site at the link above to see our progress towards our goal of $150,000!

What is a Golf-A-Thon?

A Golf-A-Thon is a unique event where individuals and teams raise money based on pledges received towards the amount of holes they can play in a 12-hour period. Golfers can play anytime from dusk ’til dawn on the day of the event or they can accumulate 108 holes throughout the month leading up to the event. Pledges are made per hole or as a flat donation.

How to Participate

3 Ways to Participate! Play as an Individual. Form a Team. Make a Pledge!

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