Golf-A-Thon FAQs

See the frequently asked questions below!

How do I raise money?

Once you decide to join, you’ll get set up with a personal pledge page on PledgeIt, our fundraising site. Share your page with friends, family, co-workers…anyone who could be a potential donor! Once they have the link to your page they’ll be able to make a per hole pledge or a flat donation to your page. You’ll be able to see who has donated to your page and watch your total go up! Plus, your pledges will contribute to our total amount raised on our PledgeIt homepage.

How do I set up my personal PledgeIt page?

  1. Go to our PledgeIt homepage.
  2. Click the Join button and select the option to Join a team, Fundraise on my own, or Create a team.
  3. Enter in the email address you want to associate your account with and follow the instructions to enter in your name and information.
  4. Set your holes played goal, fundraising goal, and page and profile photos (optional).
  5. Once your page is created, share your page link through email, social media, and even text using the tools provided on your page!

Having problems setting up your page? Contact us and we will can walk you through the process or even take care of it for you!

When can I come out to play on the day of the event?

Whenever you want! Play all day, play for a few hours, play whenever you like – it’s up to you! We have the entire course to ourselves for the whole day, so come in the morning, the afternoon, or even play a little and come back to finish!

Does my score on each hole/round matter?

No way! Who wants to slow down, count, and write their score on a scorecard? Our goal is to play fast, so you’re only responsible for keeping track of the number of holes you play (plus – we have a dedicated team to help you!)

Still have questions? Contact us and we’ll get back to you usually within 1-2 business days at the latest!