Life Skills + Golf Skills = Game Changers

First Tee’s signature program seamlessly combines life skills lessons with the game of golf as participants ages 5-18 progress through the program, culminating with the Ace level in high school.

1.5 Hours, Once a Week

Our sessions run for 8-weeks at a time in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Participants age 7 & up attend an hour and a half class, once a week for 8-weeks! Participants age 5 & 6 attend an hour long class, once a week for 6-weeks.

Need Help with the Fee?

No child is ever turned away due to an inability to pay. Financial aid is always available! Apply during registration.

8-Week Program: $90/Session (for ages 7-18)

6-Week Program: $60/Session (for ages 5-6)

Spring 2023 Registration Open

Winter Schedule of Classes

Class DayFirst ClassLast ClassClass Notes
SaturdayJan 7Feb 11 (Junior Links classes only)
Feb 25 (all other classes)
Monday Jan 23Feb 27 (Junior Links classes only)
TuesdayJan 10Feb 14 (Junior Links classes only)
Feb 28
WednesdayNo Classes
ThursdayJan 12Feb 16 (Junior Links classes only)
Mar 2
FridayNo Classes

Spring Schedule of Classes

Class DayFirst ClassLast ClassClass Notes
SaturdayMar 25May 6 (ages 5-6 classes only)
May 27 (all other classes)
No Classes April 1 (Fort Hood Youth Clinic)
No Classes May 20 (Youth Festival)
Monday Mar 27May 1 (ages 5-6 classes only)
May 15 (all other classes)
TuesdayMar 28May 2 (ages 5-6 classes only)
May 16 (all other classes)
WednesdayNo Classes
ThursdayMar 30May 4 (ages 5-6 classes only)
May 18 (all other classes)
FridayMar 31May 5 (ages 5-6 classes only)
May 19 (all other classes)

2023 Session Calendar

SessionStart DateEnd DateRegistration Open Date
Winter SessionJan 7March 2Nov 28, 2022
Spring Break CampMarch 13 March 17Jan 30, 2023
Spring SessionMarch 25May 27Jan 30, 2023
Summer CampsJune 10Aug 10April 10, 2023
Summer SessionJune 12 Aug 11April 10, 2023
Fall SessionSept 10Nov 4July 31, 2023
Winter 2024 SessionTBDTBDNov 27, 2023

Car Talk

We know that young people don’t automatically transfer what they have learned at the First Tee to other areas of their lives. Although each class at the First Tee ends with a “bridge to life” wrap up, this is not enough by itself to ensure behavior change takes place away from the First Tee. Car Talk provides a tool for parents to engage their children in and further increase the probability that participants will be able to apply the Life Skills taught in class at home and in other areas of their lives. Car Talk is a quick overview of what participants learned during a lesson and provides guiding questions to help reinforce the Life Skills, golf skills, and Core Values off of the golf course and/or away from the First Tee.

As we transition to our new and improved age-based curriculum we will be updating our Car Talk content throughout the year, but feel free to check out some of our past content below!

Ages 7-9 Car Talk – In Progress…
Ages 10-11 Car Talk – In Progress…
Ages 12-13 Car Talk – In Progress…
Ages 14+ Car Talk – In Progress…