It’s All in the Family: A Look Into the Legacy of a First Tee Family

As a youth development organization, our goal is to provide our kids and teens the tools they need to be successful in life. In a full circle moment, our hope is that those same kids and teens will one day bring their children back to the organization that provided them countless opportunities to grow. One family at our Benbrook location has done just that!

First Tee – Fort Worth was founded first as the Lindy Miller Foundation before becoming First Tee – Fort Worth in 2004. From the beginning we have conducted classes with our small staff of coaches and our dedicated volunteers. The Driggers family patriarch, affectionately referred to as Granddaddy Driggers, was one of our pioneering volunteers, and so began what would become a family affair.

“Years ago we quickly realized what a blessing the First Tee program would be for our kids and for many others!  The formula was compelling:  solid and organized golf instruction, helpful short game drills, golf etiquette taught by a winsome staff; and embedded in the curriculum is an emphasis on character!  

And here we are years later, and my children’s children are having fun learning about golf with First Tee!  We have 16 grandchildren under 12 (and 2 more on the way) and 8 of the 16 are in First Tee.  It’s a wholesome intro to golf and life!

Monte and his staff are just outstanding!  It has been a pleasure to see him helping the kids and have a good time doing it!”

Granddaddy Driggers

Leah, Faith, Mark, Adam, and Noah Driggers all participated in the First Tee program as kids and teens in it’s early days. While the program looked a bit different than it does now, at it’s core, our mission has always been the same: providing youth with the life skills needed to be successful in life through the game of golf.

They have all grown up to lead wonderful lives and now have kids of their own! The Driggers, Burke, Carroll and Spina clan actively participate in classes and camps with First Tee – Fort Worth year-round. With their clan consisting of 10 kids involved in the program (and a few more on the way), we’re excited to see the growth of each of these kiddos in this expanding family tree!

Granddaddy Driggers attributes several things to the success of the program including a “guide, not push” teaching method, a learning atmosphere that is fun instead of intense, communication at the kids level, focusing on their successes rather than correcting every miss hit, and encouragement!

First Tee – Fort Worth continues to strive to create more experiences like these and we hope that down the road, we’ll have more stories just like the Driggers!

See the clan in action!