What Is It and Why Should You Join?

Our mission at First Tee — Fort Worth is to impact the lives of the youth in our community through participation in our Life Skills curriculum. Through active experiences, we look to build character, inner-strength, self-confidence, and resilience in our youth. To do all of this takes the support of the families and advocates who believe in our program. That is why we have launched the 500 Club! Joining the 500 Club is a way for our families to show support and for First Tee — Fort Worth to say thank you! By making a $500 contribution to First Tee — Fort Worth, you will not only make a substantial impact in helping us achieve our mission, but you'll also receive considerable benefits including early registration, free session registrations, recognition at the new Ben Hogan Learning Center at Squaw Creek, and more! Additionally, our goal is to raise $140,000 more than we raised in 2020, and your $500 donation can help us Meet the Match in our final year of the Charles Schwab Challenge grant! Once we meet our threshold, all donations will be matched 3:1 by Charles Schwab! We know not everyone has $500 to contribute today, so we've created a monthly payment option as well! To join the 500 Club you can choose to make a one-time $500 contribution, or choose our monthly contribution plan and commit to just $41.67 per month for 1 year. Plus, $300 of the $500 you contribute will be tax deductible! The remaining $200 will be used towards enrollment benefits. Want to sponsor a family? You can direct your contribution to a family of your choosing or leave it to us and we'll provide those benefits to a family in need!

Benefits of Joining

  • 5 Free Sessions per family* (class or camp for any programming location, no expiration)
  • Personal Service
  • Hassle-Free, Early Registration
  • Recognition at the Ben Hogan Learning Center at Squaw Creek - At the end of 2021 we will be creating a permanent display of recognition for all of our 500 Club contributors!
  • Annual Event for 500 Club Members
*A 'session' is defined as 8-weeks of programming (6-weeks for Junior Links) or 1 week of camp. Example: If you registered your participant for Spring classes, this would count as 1 of your 5 free sessions. 

See why families chose to support First Tee — Fort Worth by joining the 500 Club...

"We choose to support First Tee — Fort Worth and encourage others to do so because the instructors and programming have made a positive impact in the last four years since our daughter joined.”  - the Cordary Family “We believe the First Tee is a tremendous asset to the community because of its excellent instruction and positive message.” - the Purdon Family

How to Get Started

  • Click the button below or text FTFW to 26989. If you choose the text option, you will receive an instant message with two links. Select the link for the 500 Club.
  • Choose a payment option: For a one-time $500 payment, select 'One-Time' and $500. For a monthly payment plan, select 'Monthly' and $41.67.
  • Choose a Campaign: Make sure the 500 Club is selected in the dropdown box.
  • Select 'Continue': Create a new account or login to an existing account when prompted. Select 'Continue'.
  • Enter participant(s) name(s): Enter the name of the child(ren) you would like your benefits to apply or enter "Sponsor a family" if you would like First Tee — Fort Worth to choose a family in need to receive these benefits.
  • Select 'Continue' and follow the steps to complete your payment. We will record your sign up and add your benefits to your profile.

I've Joined the 500 Club...Now What?

Enjoy the benefits while we take care of everything else! Take advantage of early registration at least two-weeks before session registration opens to the public without the hassle of the registration process! Days of programming at each location will be listed on the Classes and Registration Information page at least two weeks in advance of registration opening. Receive personal service by simply sending an email to Olivia Gibbs at [email protected] to reserve a spot in the class of your choice. No need to worry about keeping track of your free session registrations, we'll do it for you. We'll notify you once you have reached your final free session registration. On a monthly payment plan? We'll let you know when you've made the final payment and let you decide whether to continue your monthly contribution or cancel your plan.


Is my login for 500 Club the same as my login for class registration? No. Because your contribution to the 500 Club is partially considered a donation, it is done through our donation system, Harness. This is a separate system from our normal registration process for classes. Please select the "Click Here to Sign Up!" button under the How To Get Started section above to navigate to the specific 500 Club contribution page to sign up. What is considered a "free session registration"? A "session" can mean one 8-week season of classes or one week of camp. For example, a participant who registers for a Spring PLAYer class that occurs once a week for 8-weeks would use 1 of the 5 free sessions. How many session registrations will I use if registering multiple kids for the same session? You will use the same number of free registrations as the number of participants registered. For example, if you register 2 participants for the same week of camp, this would use 2 of the 5 free sessions. What if I have more than 2 kids in my household? Because we have a family maximum discount already in place, if you join the 500 Club we will use a maximum of 2 of your free registrations during a session or one week of camp, but we will be able to register all of your participants at the same time. For example, if you have 3 kids in the program and want to sign them all up for an 8-week session of classes, you would be able to utilize early registration for all 3 participants, but we would only use 2 of the 5 free registrations and the third participant would be registered at no charge. Similarly, if you want to register 3 (or more) participants for a week of camp, we will register all 3 participants at one time but only utilize 2 of the 5 free registrations per week of camp. Who do I contact if I have questions about the 500 Club? You can contact Olivia Gibbs at [email protected] with any additional questions.