Junior Advisory Committee

The Junior Advisory Committee (JAC) consists of First Tee – Fort Worth teen participants with a passion for the program! This group of young people serves as advocates for the participants in the program and provide feedback on experiences as well as plan several of our annual events like the Leadership Awards ceremony and First Teens outings!

Join the JAC!

At the end of each school year, the JAC goes through an application and recruiting process as our high school graduates begin to make the transition into alumni of the First Tee program. Potential new members will first be evaluated based on their submitted application before receiving an invite to complete the onboarding process.

2022 new member applications are now open and will close on Sunday, June 19, 2022.

What We Do

First Teens

As our participants get older, we know they get busier and sometimes its hard to get together! That’s why the JAC came up with First Teens! First Teens events create a fun and friendly environment for teens of First Tee – Fort Worth to come together! Outings aren’t always centered around golf and include activities like bowling, game nights, theme parks, and more! We’re always looking for cool ideas for the next event – feel free to provide your suggestions here!

Program Advocates

Members of the JAC serve to provide valuable feedback to our team about classes, camps, programs, and other aspects of First Tee – Fort Worth! We know that kids and teens often communicate better with other kids and teens, so JAC members serve as great representatives for our participants across the chapter!

Leadership Awards

First Tee – Fort Worth is one of the most prestigious chapters in the First Tee network thanks to it’s many innovators and leaders! This ceremony looks to recognize those who have been instrumental to First Tee – Fort Worth’s success through their leadership, innovation, and positive impact through the years.

The JAC hosts the annual Leadership Awards from start to finish, including planning and execution of the event.

Upcoming First Teens Event Dates

Saturday, March 5th at Main Event (South Fort Worth Location) 7:00PM-10:00PM

Saturday, April 30th Top Golf (Fort Worth location) 7:00PM-9:00PM **This event has a fee to attend**

Friday, June 10th Ben Hogan Learning Center at Rockwood 6:00-8:00PM “Escape” the BHLC!

Saturday, October 22th Ben Hogan Learning Center at Squaw Creek 5:00-7:00PM Halloween Costume Party RSVP Below!

Saturday, December 17th TBD

First Teens Halloween Costume Party

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JAC Leadership

Samantha G. – President
Nathan (Nate) H. – Vice President
Victoria F. – Secretary

Current JAC Members

Ethan A.

Braylon M.

Ryan C.

Colin P.

Dylan K.

Lauren G.

Landon P.

Reagan G.

Kaitlyn G.

Nathan H.

Aspen H.

Joshua W.

Sana’a L.

Jack W.

T.J. R.

Ryder R.

Nicholas M.

Connor M.

Lorelei O.

Albert P.

Johnnie R.

Harley S.

Race Z.