General Information

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2022 Life Skills Experience Class & Camp Schedule Coming Soon!

Life Skills Experience classes are offered at every location on various days. Classes are held once a week for 8-weeks of programming with a 9th week for certification (scroll down to find more information about certification). Camps are held Monday-Friday during Spring Break and for nine weeks in the summer at various locations.

Winter SessionTBD
Spring Break CampTBD
Spring SessionTBD
Summer SessionTBD
Summer CampsTBD
Fall SessionTBD

Participant Expectations

  • Arrive to classes on time. Always check in with a coach upon arrival.
  • Wear appropriate attire. Closed-toed golf or athletic shoes and golf or athletic clothes.
  • Bring yardage book, bag tags, and clubs to all classes and camps.
  • Demonstrate First Tee’s Code of Conduct while attending camps and classes or representing First Tee: Respect for myself. Respect for others. Respect for my surroundings.

Parent Expectations

  • Please make every effort to arrive on time.
  • Be sure that your participant has checked in with a coach upon arrival – they will not receive hourly credit towards certification if they do not check in.
  • Make sure that participants are picked up promptly at the end of class or camp.
  • Parents may not participate in the instruction of a class or interact directly with participants during class. Please observe our 50 yard rule when possible. If you would like to assist with classes, please visit our volunteer page for more information.

Golf Equipment Options

Does your participant need a set of clubs? Golf equipment will be provided to any participant who does not have their own for a one time fee of $10. As your participant grows and progresses through the program, we will continue to provide suitable clubs and equipment at no additional cost. Clubs will be distributed on the first day of class or camp and will be taken home by the participant. Should your participant drop out of the program for any reason, we ask that the clubs and bag be returned so we may distribute them to another participant. If you are looking to purchase a new set of clubs, you may use the information here to purchase a TGA set at a discounted rate.

Participant Perks

Being a member of First Tee comes with many practice and playing privileges at locations around the metroplex including Rockwood Park Golf Course, Squaw Creek Golf Course, Leonard’s Golf Links, Hawks Creek Golf Club, Benbrook Par 3, and Texas Golf Center! Participants must present their bag tag to each facility and have a 2021 sticker on their bag tags in order to take advantage of these privileges. Need to update your sticker? Active participants can ask a coach at the beginning of a session or swing by the Ben Hogan Learning Center to pick up a current sticker. These perks are for participants only and do not apply to guests. Click HERE to see all the practice and play benefits being a participant has to offer!

Yardage Books

Participants should receive a physical yardage book at the start of their first session in their respective levels (with the exception of Junior Links). If a book was lost or damaged, feel free to print and complete the PDF versions of the book using the links below. Participants are free to work on their yardage books at their own pace and are encouraged to work on them outside of classes. All certifying levels of First Tee require that each participant complete most, if not all, parts of their books in order to move to the next level. If a participant has a question regarding their yardage book they should feel free to ask any of our coaches for help!

PLAYer Yardage BookPAR Yardage BookBIRDIE Yardage BookEAGLE Yardage Book


The First Tee program consists of various levels that mark growth in both life skills and golf skills. In order to progress through each level, participants must complete the requirements for their respective levels which include a minimum number of programming hours, work in their yardage book, play requirements, a written test and a golf skills test. While participants are expected to work on these requirements throughout their time in a level, the written and golf skills tests are administered at the end of each session or camp when a participant is ready to certify into the next level. See what your participant needs to certify at the link below.

Certification Requirements by Level

In Case of Inclement Weather

For our locations with indoor facilities available (Rockwood Park, Squaw Creek, PGA Superstore), classes will take place rain or shine unless the weather is dangerous for travel. For class cancellation information, look for text and email notifications, as well as Facebook posts 70 minutes prior to the start of the class or call our offices at (817) 420-9370. You must have selected your mobile service provider during registration to receive text notifications. 

It is important to make sure your contact info is updated before and during each session. If you haven’t been receiving class updates or your information has recently changed, find out how to update your information here.

Car Talk

We know that young people don’t automatically transfer what they have learned at the First Tee to other areas of their lives. Although each class at the First Tee ends with a “bridge to life” wrap up, this is not enough by itself to ensure behavior change takes place away from the First Tee. By providing a tool for parents to engage their children in Car Talk, we can further increase the probability that participants will be able to apply the Life Skills and Core Values at home and in other areas of their lives. Car Talk is a quick overview of what participants learned during a lesson and provides guiding questions to help reinforce the Life Skills, golf skills, and Core Values off of the golf course and/or away from the First Tee.

The Car Talk topics for each week of the session will be posted on this page for the upcoming week. In addition, please feel free to review any past week’s Car Talk topics.

PLAYer Car Talk TopicsPar Car Talk TopicsBirdie Car Talk TopicsEagle Car Talk Topics

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