Robyn Battles: Outstanding Then and Now

We’re celebrating 20 years of impact in Fort Worth and our surrounding communities! After two decades, we’ve served over 20,000 kids and young adults, and that means lots of amazing stories! Check out this story from our alum Robyn who graduated the program in 2015!

If you were around our Rockwood Park Program Location in the 2010s, your probably heard Robyn’s name! Always a determined and hard-working individual, Robyn’s commitment to everything she did was evident even from her earliest classes with First Tee. As a teen, Robyn joined the Junior Advisory Committee and eventually served as President where she honed her leadership and communication skills. In 2015, Robyn was awarded First Tee’s Outstanding Participant of the Year award which included a $20,000 scholarship towards her college education. It could be said that this was simply an early recognition of her potential that has blossomed into an even more impressive resume during and after her time in college.

Robyn first attended Texas A&M University Galveston where she earned a Bachelors Degree in Maritime Public Policy and Communication, followed by a Masters Degree in International Affairs from The Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University. During her education, Robyn dedicated herself to learning more about her passions for foreign affairs through various internships and fellowships, expanding her knowledge and experience.

Since her days at First Tee, she has always had a believed in the importance of giving back and selfless service. Robyn certainly exemplifies those beliefs every day as she continues her pursuit of a career in foreign affairs, now with the United States Air Force. Ultimately, Robyn hopes to one day work in a United States embassy oversees and we have no doubt that her goal is well within reach!

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