Round Up Your Change to Make Change Happen!

Ever think about how you could make a difference in a young person's life? Now it can be as simple as rounding up your change from your credit or debit card transactions each month! We've made it even easier for you to support our mission by donating spare change from everyday purchases by joining our new Round-Up Your Spare Change campaign! All of that change can add up to make a BIG difference in our community! Your change can help us provide equipment to outreach, community, and school programs and resources to help us instill life enhancing values and skills such as self-confidence, goal setting, inner strength, conflict management, appreciating diversity, and more! Your spare change is helping us build game changers for the future!

Go to our Round Up Campaign!

How to Sign Up for Round Up Giving

  1. Select 'Round Ups' on our Donate page
  2. Select 'Get Started'
  3. Connect a debit/credit card and select 'Continue'
  4. View the "Authorize Round Ups" info page and select 'Continue'
  5. Choose your bank from the list (or use the search bar)
  6. Input your bank login information
  7. Choose the account the card you input is connected to
  8. Designate your funds to 'Area of Greatest Need'
  9. Set a monthly cap (this can always be adjusted later) and select 'Submit'

Why Do You Need My Bank Login Information?

You are interfacing directly with your banking institution to confirm you want Round-Ups for that card. Logging in and selecting the account (card) you want to connect is required as it authorizes us to receive transaction updates to determine your Round-Ups. We DO NOT touch, receive, or handle ANY of your login credentials. That information is encrypted by your institution and heavily protected using bank-level security protocol.

Thanks for helping us build game changers!